How do I use this blog?

The CIMSS SphereMaster will update the blog several times a month. The updates will contain information regarding major weather & climate events and how Earth’s systems influenced and affected (and were affected by) the events.  One post each month will be a Global Climate Digest, containing information from NOAA’s National Cliimatic Data Center (NCDC) regarding highlighted events and climate information from the previous month. Also each month, there will be information about the Climate Prediction Center’s (CPC) U.S. seasonal outlooks for the coming months. Corresponding datasets for Science On a Sphere (SOS) and other spherical displays will be made available on the NOAA server in a playlist and category called: EarthNow.

Along with the above information, you can expect to see images or schematics to help with your understanding of the material.  As a sphere presenter, the more you know about the topic, the more at ease and informative you will be during your presentations.