Implementing EarthNow Datasets

Where do I find the EarthNow datsets?

  • First, check your SOS system Library to make sure it’s not already in the earthnow category.
  • If not, you can download the dataset(s) and playlist file(s) from this FTP Site. (You may need your IT/systems people to do this.)
    • Navigate to: to find the appropriate files and folders.
    • Then, add the folders and files to the /shared/sos/media/rt/noaa/earthnow/ directory.

EarthNow Playlists

  • You have several options with regards to adding EarthNow datasets into your playlists:
    • Option 1: Download and use the available playlist file(s) at the top of each EarthNow blog posting. These will only include the dataset(s) used with that particular posting. After downloading these files you will need to add them to the /home/sos/sorc or /home/sosdemo/sosrc directories. You could then use the Playlist Editor to edit and add to the playlist. (You may need some assistance from your IT/Systems staff)
    • Option 2: Use the Playlist Editor to create a new playlist or add EarthNow datasets to an existing playlist. Remember, the EarthNow datasets will all be included in the earthnow category of the Library.
    • Option 3: *NEW!* You can setup an earthnow.sos playlist that automatically updates to the new datasets included with each EarthNow update. (You may need assistance from your IT/Systems staff for this one)
      • note: this will include all datasets (including both audio and non-audio versions) for a particular topic.
      1. Open a terminal
      2. cd sosrc
      3. ln -s /shared/sos/rt/noaa/earthnow/earthnow.sos