EarthNow Training & Consultancy | APPLICATION

The application period has closed.

However, we are still welcoming participation in the EarthNow Survey.

Thank you for your interest in the EarthNow project.


The EarthNow team collaborates to provide timely weather and climate stories and data visualizations for NOAA’s Science On a Sphere (SOS) exhibits. To improve our resource and better gauge the Networks needs, we will conduct four onsite training sessions for a nominal fee between now and Summer 2014. Along with a one-day training on a mutually agreed upon date, we will provide on-going direct consultancy support. Please note that selected sites will be expected to work with our project evaluator and provide feedback about lessons learned that can benefit the entire SOS Network. To gain insight about the SOS Network, we are also asking that someone from each site completes this short application, even if you aren’t interested in the training/consultancy; we want to know that too!

We will review the applications and contact selected institutions by email, and announce the outcomes via the EarthNow website, EarthNow Twitter, and NOAA SOS Yahoo! Group. Thank you for participating in the SOS Collaborative Network!

Nominal Fee: $50, financial assistance available


  • Demonstrate use of EarthNow stories and products in live and auto-run programs.
  • Teach practical skills for accessing EarthNow and implementing EarthNow datasets, to build your playlists.
  • Solicit feedback from SOS sites to tailor EarthNow products to user needs.

Site Selection Process

  • Application Deadline: May 13, 2013
  • Four training sites will be chosen by Summer 2013.
  • Training sessions will take place between Fall 2013 and Summer 2014.
  • The SOS Network will be notified, allowing nearby SOS sites to attend the onsite trainings if desired.