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February Climate Digest

Each month, around the middle of the month, we will provide information regarding the previous month’s climate, as well as the U.S. seasonal outlook for the coming months. Overall, preliminary data analysis suggests that February 2012 was the 22nd warmest February on record. Major stories include a warm contiguous United States, a weakening La Niña, and bitterly cold temperatures in Eurasia. More detailed information follows: Continue reading

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Tropical Cyclone Giovanna

In mid-February, Tropical Cyclone Giovanna greatly impacted Madagascar, the fourth-largest island in the world, with high winds, storm surge, and heavy rain. After passing over the island one time, the storm turned around and made landfall again over the southern-most part of Madagascar, this time a much weakened storm. This EarthNow post will serve as a timeline of events to use in conjunction with the real-time satellite imagery datasets. We will also explore storm-related rainfall totals. Continue reading

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