Impacts of Saharan Dust Cloud

Saharan Dust Cloud

Saharan Dust Cloud

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Over the past several days, a large dust cloud has moved from Africa’s Sahara Desert over the Atlantic Ocean.┬áNOAA’s satellites detected the plume of dust several days ago. moving off the coast of Africa. Dust clouds like this are relatively common and are part of the Saharan Air Layer, but this particular plume of dust is highly concentrated. The high concentration will not only lower visibilities for any areas along its path, but has the potential to suppress hurricane development. NOAA models forecast the the dust plume to travel across the Atlantic over the next several days.

Dust Cloud VIIRS PIP

Dust Cloud VIIRS PIP

About the Dataset

Dataset Name: 20130802 EarthNow: Sahara Dust Cloud
    • The dataset shows the global concentration of aerosols, like dust. The data is derived from an enhanced version of the NOAA NGAC aerosol model and shows the progression of dust across the Atlantic.
    • The colorbar conveys the range of dust concentration from Low to High
    • A Picture in Picture (PIP) shows the dust cloud on July 31st as seen by the Suomi NPP satellite’s VIIRS instrument.


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