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Causes and Effects of Tropical Widening

With the help of satellite data, scientists studying the Tropics and other climate zones have been tracking changes over time. Here the Tropics is highlighted in orange. Recent studies show the Tropical zone is expanding toward the poles. Why do we care if the Tropics expands? This widening spreads Tropical diseases to new places and drought to the Subtropics, where much of the world’s population lives. Continue reading

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Climate Outlook for Early Spring (U.S.)

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center expects a large area including much of the eastern two-thirds of the country to be warmer than normal. The Pacific Northwest and southern Alaska are expected to be cooler than normal. For more information about this, the precipitation outlook, and the drought outlook for the United States, read on! Continue reading

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November 2012 Climate Digest

Each month, we will provide information regarding the previous month’s climate. Overall, preliminary data analysis suggests that November 2012 was the fifth warmest on record (since 1880). Major stories include drought in the United States, flooding in Argentina, and the devastating impacts of Typhoon Bopha. More detailed information follows. Continue reading

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