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Weather Satellites – past, present and future

Overview This narrated movie chronicles the history of weather satellites from the launch of the Sputnik spacecraft to NOAA’s most recent GOES-R series of weather satellites. Click on the image to watch the YouTube preview. Along with providing a short … Continue reading

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Summer of Drought

Several parts of the world have recently been experiencing drought conditions, the worst of which has been for much of the United States. Abnormally high temperatures this summer for most of the West and Central U.S. are indicative of an upper-level, high pressure system (ridge), which has been prevailing over a great part of the US throughout the summer. Further, the economic and societal implications that stem from these ongoing drought conditions are rather significant, with almost 60% of the U.S. experiencing moderate to severe drought, and monsoonal rains in India being elusive, both negatively affecting crop yields. Through this post, we’ll explore recent drought conditions, the seasonal drought outlook, and societal impacts. Continue reading

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